From a blow up mattress to #1 Female Recruiter, TOP Earner in 5 companies and CEO of a Media company. #ButGod

Came on a boat in '94 from Cuba. 
My parents came with a backpack on and $100.
We survived for a while on $10,000 a year.
Yes that's what my mom made.


...I was sleeping in a blow up mattress back in 2010 while pregnant with our 4th child. Dave lost his job and we lost everything.

When Network Marketing was brought to us I honestly just wanted an extra $500. An extra $500 would allow us to take our kids for a cheeseburger every 2 weeks. When I started, I was homeschooling a middle schooler, 2 little girls in Pre-K, a little boy who was 2 and a 14 month old who didn't sleep through the night. ​I was struggling with severe adrenal fatigue. 

I had 0 Network Marketing Experience. 

David was working full time.

I started with 300 FB friends.
150 IG followers. ​

I broke the recruiting records for 4 different companies. 
Built some of the fastest growing teams. 
Earned 6+ figures in every single company.
TOP earner in all of them.
#1 recruiter in all of them.
Personally Sponsored more than 3,300 individuals in 5.5 years 100% from the cold market.
Made 0 calls to recruit.
Made 0 three way calls. 

I came back into NM not because I needed the money but because I was offered the opportunity to revolutionize the NM industry and to help build a company that will do it the right way based on Biblical principles. 

I am the Chief Network Officer, Master Distributor & part owner of LAB. 

I have been praying diligently for the right people. 

Are you one of them?

If you are I am here to help you!

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